A.O. Smith Water Heater Reviews 2019

We present to you, the A.O. Smith Water Heater Reviews. You can’t talk water heaters without mentioning A.O. Smith.

This company is responsible for a large percentage of the innovations that have made modern water heaters so efficient. In addition, they have expanded to become leaders in electric, gas, tankless, and even solar water heaters.

Best A.O Smith Water Heater Reviews

It would take a small book to review all of A.O. Smith’s top quality models, so instead, we’ll give you a good overview of the product lines and a comparison between some of the best from each type of water heater.

A.O Smith Gas Water Heater Reviews

Gas heaters make up the largest group of heaters, and there are several quality lines to choose from. A.O. Smith divides their gas (and propane) heaters into three ProLine tiers. The third tier, ProLine XE, contains several product lines, while the other tiers contain only one line each.


A.O. Smith strives to maximise efficiency and quality. As a result, all of their gas heaters have LEED ratings, and many are ENERGY STAR certified. All have either low NOx or ultra-low NOx emissions and four different venting options are available.

  • Polaris
  • ProLine and ProLine Master
  • Signature
  • Vertex

A.O Smith Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Several tankless models are available for gas and propane usage. As with all A.O. Smith gas models, these are low NOx or ultra-low NOx for improved environmental safety.


Tankless systems fit into much smaller spaces and can provide hot water on-demand. Most models offer remote control, and some of the newest models have digital displays.

  • Gas and Propane
  • Hybrid Gas/Propane

A.O Smith Electric Water Heater Reviews

As with the gas models, electric water heaters are available in three tiers, with the ProLine XE being subdivided into two lines.


Using environmentally friendly materials, A.O. Smith’s electric water heaters are all LEED certified and offer superior efficiency to older models. Their ability to draw power from outlets allows for tiny point-of-use models that can fit into tight spaces.

  • ProLine and ProLine Master
  • ProLine XE
  • Signature
  • Voltex

A.O. Smith Water Heater History

As with some of the most famous success stories, the company that’s now synonymous with water heaters had very humble beginnings.

Founded by Charles Jeremiah Smith in 1874 as a single-person hardware solutions shop, this small business quickly expanded to include three sons and was best known for manufacturing metal components for baby carriages.

The third son to join was Arthur Oliver Smith. He took the company to new heights when he developed a lightweight steel car frame that drew the attention (and business) of major car companies such as Ford and Cadillac. These innovations led to the unveiling of the Mechanical Marvel, the first automated frame production line in 1921 by Arthur’s son Lloyd Raymond.

In 1936, the engineers of A.O. Smith developed a method for adding glass linings to residential water heaters. Numerous further advances in water heater design followed, and the company began to expand to Canada, Europe, and China.

The company sold its automotive branch in 1997 and electric motor branch in 2011, replacing them with mergers of major water heater and treatment companies, making them a global leader in both industries – without ever throwing away the integrity and innovation that began nearly 150 years prior.

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